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AF Enviro Core




AF ENVIRO CORE is a new w tool specifically developed for pollution remediation and environment monitoring shallow coring as well as agricultural and pedologic routine studies.






  • Direct push driven, 3 inch diameter, 2.0 - 3.5 - 5.0 ft undisturbed core without cross pollution problems;

  • Diameter have been chosen to combine enough sample material for multispecies repeated analysis and all terrain backpack portability;

  • No need for heavy and costly rig.


Two liner types available:


Opaque and transparent liners in rigid plastics double as sample carrier;


Flexible special AF technology LDPE liner completely eliminate cross pollution from surface to deeper soil layer, particularly useful when high detailed  definition of pollutant percolation stratigraphy is critical.


AF ENVIRO CORE can efficiently operate as any direct push corer in granular and cohesive soils from loose to weakly cemented materials.


Folding ultralight 500lb payload, all terrain fat pneumatic wheeled hand truck available.

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