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AFgtc is a microenterprise applying in Research and Development in the field of technologies, methodologies and innovative procedures about geology and environmental geology.






AFgtc developed a proprietary innovative technology for LIDAR survey based on unmanned airborne platforms






AFgtc performs interpretation, analysis, filtering and processing of LIDAR data:
from LIDAR data properly processed accurate information on ground morphology of even in densely forested areas can be obtained to provide full GIS integrated cartographic output









AFgtc by application of 

numerical hydrogeological modeling techniques, produced quantitative real data calibrated most probable scenarios, 

for aquifer vulnerability assessments, monitoring and mitigation of salt intrusion and origin detection-real time distributions of pollutants plumes.







                                                               SERVICES AND EQUIPMENTS



AFgtc designs, manufactures and tests costumer tailored geological , hydrogeological and environmental sampling monitoring equipment.


Our mission is research, design and develop specific conceptual and materials tools to fulfill specific monitoring and modeling needs of our costumers. 




We specialize developing wind and sun energy based environmentally friendly solutions to ensure drinking and  fresh water and air conditioning.


AFgtc work in house and cooperating with academia and research institutions for both preventive and work in progress, installation of the most appropriate technologies to ensure safe drinking water, fresh water and air conditioning, zero energy cost and zero CO2 emissions for seaside or remote houses and villages.






AFgtc designs and supplies energy recovery and solar energy powered water treatment systems.



AFgtc analyzes, designs and quantifies sustainable use of geothermal and solar energy accumulated in soil, surface water and groundwater.


AFgtc designs site dedicated procedure for overexploited geothermal probes "reactivation".


AFgtc's technologies ensure maximum energy savings!





       OTHER AFgtc's ACTIVITIES:                                                      



Environmental and engineering remediation jobs geotechnics, geognostic and hydrogeology.



    - landslide damage and liability assessment;
    - subjective and objective liability identification for damage from flood and pollution;
    - remediation cost assessment.                       




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AFgtc develops new equipment

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12/2013 - Deliverable 3.9.2 Acquasense Project delivered - “Made in Italy - Industria 2015” - sponsored by Italian Ministry Of Economic Development

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