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AFgtc developed a proprietary innovative technology for LIDAR survey based on unmanned airborne platforms






Main features:

  • AF LIDAR-Drone is cheaper than traditional remote sensing surveying;

  • AF LIDAR-Drone is an unmanned airborne platform robotic systems;

  • AF LIDAR-Drone allows high speed and high resolution data acquisition;

  • AF LIDAR-Drone allows ground morphology surveys even in densely forested areas (precluded to traditional aerophotogrammetry);

  • AF LIDAR-Drone provide full GIS integrated cartographic output;

  • properly processed AF LIDAR-Drone output data provides Digital Terrain Model (DTM). Automatic or manual post processing filtering ground surface point reproduce vegetation, buildings or different features;


Application fields:


  • geology

  • hydrogeology

  • optimization of drainage patterns

  • landslide analysis

  • temporal evolution of geological, hydrogeological and morphological phenomena

  • urban planning

  • geoarcheological analysis

  • geomorphological analysis

  • agronomical analysis

AFgtc provides interpretation, analysis, filtering and processing of LIDAR data:

from LIDAR data properly processed accurate information on ground morphology even in densely forested areas can be obtained to GENERATE full GIS integrated cartographic output




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