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AFgtc's main jobs performed:


  • project “Industria 2015 – Nuove Tecnologie per il Made in Italy” (realization of an innovative system for real-time monitoring of water distribution systems and for the generation of advanced warning about the quality of drinking water in case of anomalies caused by known or unknown events). Project: Acquasense, starting 01.03.2012 to 31.10.2013 - partners: Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Università di Roma "Tor Vergata", Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Algares srl, In-Time srl, Raptech srl, Società per il Parco Scientifico Romano Scarl, Terramet srl;
  • geological, geotechnical and seismic suevays supporting buildings designing, slope stability analysis;
  • Testing “A.R.T.E.”- (Antecedent Rain Temporal Effectiveness, propietary methodology) in Parco Regionale Migliarino-San Rossore-Massaciuccoli area, “Progetto di conservazione degli ecosistemi costieri della Toscana settentrionale - Progetto LIFE05 NAT/IT/37”;
  • coring surveys with “AF TopCore20” in the “Lago di Santa Luce” lake bottom (PI) and data processing (Solvay);
  • hydrogeological numerical 3D modeling (finite differences) calibration and forecast scenarios production of highway tunnels. Application of “A.R.T.E.” methodology to groundwater dynamics modeling- SPEA autostrade;



  • analysis of the potential hydrogeothermical energy of farm La Parolara - Comune di Castelbeforte (MN);
  •  hydrogeological numerical model of the shallow aquifer of Florence Old Town: design of statistical methodology for implementation of hydraulic parameters of the subsoil from random distributed stratigraphic columns (University of Florence, Department of Earth Science);
  • geological, geomorphological, hydrogeological, geophisical surveys and LiDAR data processing of Sterpaia Palazzetto natural conservation reserve, San Rossore Pisa (research project AFgtc s.r.l., IGG-CNR Pisa, Department of Archeological Science, Pisa, SoGeT di Sartini S, Bianchi A – s.n.c., STAR Business s.r.l.);
  • geological, geotechnical and seismic surveys supporting design of buildings and photovoltaic systems power station;
  • Paperwork, drilling site assistance and pumping tests for water wells;


  • grant requests for mineral water: evaluation of the resource potential;
  • hydrogeological numerical 3D modeling (finite differences) calibration and forecast scenarios for  environmental effect analysis of highway tunnels (Mugello);
  • hydrogeological numerical 3D modeling for the protection of water resources from the seawater intrusion and other phenomena of degradation.“Falda freatica e primo acquifero in sabbie” (Comune di Pisa);
  • design and development of a special sampler for wheat sampling from bulk storages and silos;
  • AF TopCore40 and AFTopCore20 core drilling of the flood damaged Serchio River embankments (Lucca);




  • innovative geostatistical processing techniques) for the assessment of water resources at catchment scale: application to Bacino Pilota Europeo del fiume Cecina (cooperating job with Department of Earth Science of Pisa University);
  • innovative geostatistical processing techniques (method “A.R.T.E.”- Antecedent Rain Temporal Effectiveness) for the simultaneous identification recharge  origin and the delay times of aquifers in alluvial plains: application to the water crisis in the Lucchese plain (cooperating with of the Department of Earth Science of the University of Pisa);
  •  hydrogeological numerical 3D modeling for the protection of water resources from seawater intrusion and other degradations.“Falda freatica e primo acquifero in sabbie della fascia costiera pisana dal fiume Arno al Canale Scolmatore” -  (Comune di Pisa);
  • feasibility geological study  - Progetto “Double Obelisk”, Museo Maxxi - Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo ROMA);





  • planning and execution of monitoring topographic surveying, geotechnical and geophysical surveys of the landslide movement in località Montemagno, Comune di Calci (PI);
  • design and execution of freatimetric, conductivity and geochemical surveys to support a numerical hydrogeological 3D modeling of seawater intrusion in the Pisa plain (Comune di Pisa);
  • geological, idrogeological, geochemical and structural surveys for the revitalization and expansion of hydro-mineral resource: “Acqua minerale Lentula” Customer: Consiag;
  • Civil Protection Plan update, Comune di Montopoli (PI);


  • Short course of hydrogeological numerical 3D modeling, by AFgtc with the partnership of Department of Enviromental Science (University of Pisa) and Ordine dei Geologi della Toscana;




  • class of numerical hydrogeological 3D modeling - Publiacque Ingegneria S.R.L, Firenze;
  • developing of "AFTopCore" for lake-rive-sea bottom coring for sediments environmental characterization;
  • geological and environmental consulting for quarries;
  • geomorphological and geophisical surveying of the area Sterpaia Palazzetto, San Rossore Pisa (research project - AFgtc SRL, IGG CNR Pisa);






  • classes of hydrogeological numerical 3D modeling - Publiacque Ingegneria S.R.L, Firenze;  
  • classes of hydrogeological numerical 3D modeling - Università degli Studi di Pisa (Anno Accademico 2004-2005);
  • numerical modeling of flow and solute transport in the vicinity of landfills;
  • special samplings environmental remediation and analysis results wit AFTopCore - alveo del Botro Santa Marta;
  • mining consulting - Località Pescante - Comune di Calci (PI);
  • Paperworks for Demanio Idrico in areas of high environmental sensitivity: concessionary assistance, human activity impact assesment, design of not invasive structures for environment friendly Serchio River boating;
  • identification and quantification of the possible effects on clay in the expansion of the landfill Buriano and subsidence induced by rock salt mining;
  • georadar survey for the verification of the structural integrity of the columns of the cloister of Convento di Sant’Agostino (Piombino);




  • geological survey for "Regolamento Urbanistico"  Comune di Calci (PI);
  • mining consulting;
  • Civil Protection Plan of Comune di Montopoli in Val d’Arno (PI);
  • grant requests related to groundwater extraction for cement factory COLABETON” - Salviano (LI);
  • geochemical  sampling of deep well Mommialla (AF deep samling system), and results analysis (Terme di Mommialla - Gambassi Terme)




  • geological survey for the structural plan of the Comune di Calci (PI) and geological maps processing;
  • Civil Protection Plan of Comune di Montopoli in Val d’Arno (PI) and geological maps processing;





  • geological survey in support of the new structural plan of the Comune di Calci (PI) and processing geological maps;
  • design and construction of an extension of AFTopCore to work on rocks;
  • mining consulting;
  • study of surface and groundwater system in the area ANPIL "Bosco Tanali" (PI);





  • hydrogeological modeling assessment of environmental damage in Farmoplant area; Forensic consulting to the Court
  • design, supervision, execution and interpretation of geological and geophysical survey for the identification of archaeological artifacts in the underground of highly populated areas (Piazza Vittorio Emanuele Pisa)  supporting the design of underground works;
  • mining consulting;
  • surveys of the bottom of Canale Industriale in Leghorn harbor  with AFTopCore;




  • mining consulting;
  • exploratory drilling "SAN LEOPOLDO 1" mineral water  field exploitment (Società Idrotermale San Leopoldo);
  • geological and geotechnical expertise to support the identification of the causes of injured sheds (Pisa);




  • mining consulting;
  • geological survey for a slope stabilization project. Comune di Fauglia (PI);





  • design and implementation of the information system for the evaluation and monitoring of surface water resources of Provincia di Livorno;
  • hydraulic and hydrogeological feasibility studies for the construction of  underground car park in the city of Pisa;
  • development and testing of innovative methodology for the assessment of the stability after the after the disastrous event of 5 may 1998: Area Visciano Osservatorio Vesuviano, Department of Earth Science, Pisa;
  • geological survey in support of the new structural plan of the Comune di Fauglia (PI);




  • hydrogeological and hydrochemical balance of the basin of the River Cecina, implementation of numerical hydrogeological model of the coastal plain of Cecina, identification and quantification of the causes of the salt wedge. Amministrazioni  provinciali di Pisa e Livorno;



  • construction management for water well drilling (Italia);
  • hydrogeological and hydrochemical balance of the basin of the River Cecina (Toscana) aimed at quantifying the potential for exploitation of water resources and the assessment of the vulnerability of the resource itself. Amministrazioni  provinciali di Pisa e Livorno;



  • classes of geology, hydrogeology and technique of drilling “Operatore di campionamento reflui di azienda” yield by Centro Formazione Professionale “Sede Formativa Fornaci di Barga”;
  • mining consulting;



  • direction of sites to catch surface water;




  • rehabilitation and reintegration into the natural surroundings of areas degraded by mining activities;
  • design and implementation of an innovative ultra-light system for continuous microstratigraphic coring, Research project developed by AFgtc, Department of Earth Science (Pisa) and IGGI (CNR);
  • economic feasibility studies of neutralization of sewage sludge from the paper industry;




  • design, project management, supervision of water well drilling;
  • rehabilitation and reintegration into the natural surroundings of degraded areas by mining activities;
  • geological, volcanological and hydrogeological supporting the design of railway tunnels "Rome Colleferro" (Latium Volcano): Design of High Speed ​​railway. Environmental impact assessment (Italy);
  • geological and geotechnical investigation supporting the building of the foundation works of the plant expansion of natural gas for the station decompression of Santa Croce sull'Arno (PI);




  • supervising drilling of deep geothermal well Chipilapa 7bis. CEL (Electric society, El Salvador);
  • design, project management, supervision of drilling for water;





  • economic evaluations for direct use of low enthalpy geothermal energy;
  • studies for the evaluation of volcanic risk for Volcano Arenal (ICE), (Costa Rica);
  • hydrogeological geochemical survey in Valdera (PI);
  • design, project management, supervision of drilling for water;




  • technical and economic evaluation of the possibilities of expansion of the geothermal field of Amatitlan (Guatemala);
  • geological and geotechnical studies for environmental impact;
  • design, project management, supervision of drilling for water (Italia);




  • project of extraordinary support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a result of the earthquake of October 10, 1986 in San Salvador (El Salvador). Construction of the city of Nueva San Jose Las Flores: Detection volcanological, geological, geomorphological and structural for the project; modeling systems and hydrogeological basin area; rating hydrogeological risk induced by volcanic and seismic activity. Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs;;
  • volcanological and petrological studies on the assessment of the volcanic risk for the city of San Salvador (El Salvador);
  • volcanology and petrology of the hydrothermal Longonot Volcano: location of sites for deep drilling exploratory (Kenya). Environmental Impact Assessment (geological expertise) the development of geothermal field "Suswa-Longonot." (UNDP-DTCD);



  • feasibility studies for the installation of units elettrogeneratrici small and very small power (5 to 50 Kw) wind power and hydraulic;
  • drafting of the "final report summary" for "Kenya Rift Valley Geothermal Project" (UNDP-DTCD): location of sites for deep drilling exploration and production (Kenia);


  • geothermal project in the northern section of the Rift Valley in Kenya (UNDP-DTCD), (Kenia);







  • hydrogeology studies of volcanology and petrology of hydrothermal geothermal project in the context of  Gaggadè-Hanlè-Habbè, for "Institute Superior de Etudes Scientifique e Technique" (Gibuti);
  • applications in existing geothermal fields of mathematical models of heat transfer from magma chambers;
  • modeling of the environmental impact of drilling rigs and deep geothermal wells production;
  • esearch of low enthalpy geothermal waters in Northern Tuscany (Italia);
  • volcanological petrological study of the volcano Roccamonfina aimed at geothermal research. Union Oil, California;




  • petrographic and hydrogeological assistance for the # 1 exploration well in the island of Nisyros (Greece), processing and interpretation of log construction and drilling of geothermal resulting model;
  • petrographic and petrological study within the project pre-feasibility for geothermal area Chiles-Cerro Negro (Ecuador);
  • studies on the relationship between hydrothermal alteration and permeability of rocks (Università di Pisa);


  • Mathematical modeling of heat transfer from magma chambers Università di Pisa;
  • petrographic and petrological studies related to the project pre-feasibility geothermal area Arta (Djibouti).

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