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AF Shallow Core System

(Patent N 01268480)



AF SHALLOW CORE SYSTEM is a continuous core drilling system for granular and cohesive rocks, specifically engineered for quick coring.


 AF SHALLOW CORE SYSTEM particularly suited when a continuous coring for detailed stratigraphy is needed and the use of a traditional drilling system is precluded by logistics or environ.




is the only one coring system allowing 100% sample retrieving even in saturated loose sands!



AF SHALLOW CORE SYSTEM allows 100% recovery of continuous + 30ft long core, with low geotechnical parameters alteration, for stratigraphic, paleontologic, chemical or granulometric analysis etc..



The use of a specially designed and engineered textile liner allows an easy handling and storing of the core even in absence of any dedicated container, furthermore, the core is retrieved just by gravity: no special tool required!







  • geognostics

  • pollution moitoring

  • stratigraphy

  • agropedology

  • palinology

  • hidrogeological

  • hidrogeochemical studies etc...


AF SHALLOW CORE SYSTEM is composed by:

  • drilling string: ultra-light drilling pipes, coring bit, core sheathing head, sheath cartridges

  • gas hummer

  • recovery jack


Sheathing head:

maximum thickness, including enlarger ring, only 9 mm (outer radius minus core radius); just two parts easily assembled (sheath holder and coring bit). Fout head= 63 mm Core diameter= 44 mm

Drilling pipes:

special steel (UNI 25CD4) thin walled pipe but welded tool-joints (low, square profile special tread AISI 8640 HSS steel) tempered and hardened. F.int.=58.5 mm, Single pipe length 3' 2" , weight less than 7 Lb.



Gas powered hummer



4' run extractor. Components:

  • Modified High Lift Jack (Pull 5000 Lb)

  • Ground plate

  • Special hooks and string clamp


Pre-loaded sheath cartridge:

  • for up to 18 ft continuous coring

  • for up to 32 ft continuous coring

Sheath cartridge spare part:
Sheath control bushings and shock absorber


  • Drilling pipe - energizer tool joint

  • Dedicated spanner set: pipe ferrule spanner, coring bit expansion

  • special spanner, drilling pipes - energizer tool joint spanner

  • Cleaning Kit, Earmuffs, towels

  • Special antistick compound and dry lubricant set


Currently only shipping disposable package is provided. 


On request we can provide:

  • dedicated wooden carrying box

  • dedicated heavy canvas carrying bag


TRAINING: On request we can perform full immersion 1 day training course for a maximum of 3 operators/day.

Download AF Shallow Core System CATALOG 

Download AF "TopCore40" PRESENTATION 

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